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Because of breaking some bad habits, I get more time to work on novel, and then I seem to be able to update the next story on the first holiday in June. Actually I want to update regularly once two weeks, but I can't predict if I can continue this work pace, so I just say I want to. Also I bought a monitor and keyboard to treat my stiff neck. I know laptop is comfortable as that's spacial advantage, but it doesn't meet long term work. Using usual monitor straightens my back, so I feel that cures my stiff neck a little by little.
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アポロ13 / Apollo 13


"To save the crew of Apollo 13, professionals in NASA start taking action with their knowledge."
Over 20 years had past since I've watched this film, and I've already watched over 400 films until today, but I still love the characters and their challenge in this film, including the direction and sound. They are pretty awesome!
If I'm asked to tell the best part in this film, I'll consider it almost a hour and then watch it again. Anyway, I especially like the climax that I can see everyone's face.

Drama / 1995 / US / 140 min
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8 Mile / 8 Mile


"To be a famous. A story of a white rapper."
This film seems to be close to the experience of Eminem, who played the role of a main character. But there is no boasting, and we can know the true rap music and the situation to white rappers. The best of standing points is surely rap battle at the last, however, the process to get there and his relationships are digging the story deeper and make the battle fascinating. It's also the best that the script stay in real.

Drama / 2002 / US / 110 min
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神代の子・諸 十二話UP


レイン・メーカー / The Rainmaker

レイン・メーカー / The Rainmaker

"The law film drawing the court battle between the fresh lawyer and a big insurance campany."
Some of the scenes are a bit too dramatized, but through out the whole, enjoyable script and direction keep us interested.I guess the most standing point is the main character's fellowship. Especially people who support him in any way even though it's illegal are remarkable. Although the subjects of the case he treat are so serious, this film is so balanced to see in a living room.

Drama / 1997 / US / 135 min
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ブラッド・ワーク / Blood Work


"A retired FBI agent just getting heart transplant surgery got a request from donor's sister. All of her wish is to look into the murder case which took her little sister's life."
Although some of the scenes are a little too exaggerated, the script, characters and mystery of the case are fascinating, so I could enjoy the film enough until the middle of the story. Unfortunately, this film shows up clues very often, and that taught me the serial killer, then I lost interest. I guess they shot this film clearly to make people who aren't familiar with suspense understand.

Suspense / 2002 / US / 110 min
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A Gap Of 4 Years


I know I have to work on my novel, but now I'm painting unusually. Although Golden Week was a good duration to complete it, I couldn't because of my worsening technique. It took 20 hours to paint the half of its background while that used to be enough time to me to complete my painting. Continuation is really important.
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ファンタスティック・ビーストと魔法使いの旅 / Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


"Wizard come to New York, 1926. The movie of J.K.Rowling's new series."
I think Hurry Potter series had been shot to entertain kids mainly, but this movie seems to be for adults. Doing magic is a good example. In previous series, wizards need to make fully concentration and even shout when they use, but here, they are using magics naturally, like as talking to someone.
I have enjoyed a lot, but it's a kind of regrettable that the fantastic animals didn't relate to main part of the story. I want to see that next.

Fantasy / 2016 / UK, US / 133 min
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ジョン・ウィック / John Wick


"The revenge of ex-hitman whose dead wife's dog got killed."
We sometimes see the movie that was shoot just for Keanu Reeves, and this film is one of them. The good point in this is his enthusiastic action as an ex-hitman. And characters in their underworld were interesting, if I have to mention the other good point. As a whole, this is the template of revenging by retired. We can know how it'll go before looking the result, and their direction of the acting wasn't good: He shot much in vain while he's legendary hitman. It didn't go over my expectation.

Action / 2014 / US / 101 min
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Who is Johnny?

I've adjusted my web site to smart phone, through reviewing the program I wrote here last year, because my visitors seem to visit here by using smart phone. Although I can't check how it looks because I don't have smart phone, I wish it can help them read contents easier. As a caution, it will take a several seconds to access to my Blog with smart phone at the first time. I know you've already seen that, though.
By the way, I also will tell you my friends' web site I'd been making since the end of last year.
My name is listed as Johnney at their site, but, please never mind.
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