トゥモローランド / Tomorrowland


"For the bright future, an optimist and an inventor run around."
The story, led by the mystery of one character, is so exciting, with comedy or entertaining part. But, once the secret is unveiled, this awesome film might turn into awful one. There is no serious contradiction, however, the last part depends on action badly, and they didn't even reuse the opening scene properly. I guess they devoted a bit too much time to the comedy part. Anyway, I could promise that it should be fun to watch this with your kids.

Science Fiction / 2015 / US / 130 min
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イントゥ・ザ・ウッズ / Into the Woods

舞台は森。色彩を控えめにした映像が連なります。ディズニー映画らしからぬ演出こそがこの映画の特徴。赤ずきん、ジャックと豆の木、シンデレラ、ラプンツェルの兄と、童話の中にうごめく人のエゴを前面に押し出した物語です。四編の物語が重なるので、本筋が始まるのは後半から。長い助走の分、一気に膨れ上がります。何がって? 闇が。主要キャストの歌唱力は言わずもがな。

"A dark fantasy story, mixing 4 of Grimm's Fairy Tales."
Lower Colored Images in the forest are appearing continuously. It doesn't look like Disney films, but this is a kind of feature of this film. Little Red, Jack in the beanstalk tale, Cinderella, and a brother of Rapunzel are there, and the story expose their selfish and human-like personality. Though it consumes first half of the film to follow these 4 tales, this long approach is leading the explosion of their emotion. By the way, I don't have to talk you about the cast's talent of singing, right?

Musical / 2014 / US / 125 min
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マネー・ショート / The Big Short


"The financial crisis, reviewed from sights of four traders."
Starting with a rush of difficult financial words, you could endure to watch this to the last by their explaining parts unless you get confused with some acronyms. And those explaining part are even interesting. They are separating main parts, but connected to them by funny direction. Although the main story is about the traders who got a tons of money during the crisis, this film is also focusing on the cause and the results of the crisis, and depending on that, this one becomes not only interesting but also sociable. What would the victims of the crisis think when they see this film.

Drama / 2016 / US / 130 min
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消されたヘッドライン / State of Play

(余談ですが、これも邦題がおかしいです。もともと“State of Play”というドラマがあって、そちらの副題は『陰謀の構図』と内容に適したものでした。それが、権利の関係なのか、『消されたヘッドライン』として配給されていますが、本編ではヘッドラインのことを言及しないので、見終わった後にタイトルの意味という最大の謎が残ります。いっそのこと『ステイト・オブ・プレイ』にして欲しかった。)

"A pursuance by reporters against a plot in a political circle."
In the case that civilians are getting to follow a case by themselves, stories are apt to proceed ignoring their jobs, but in this film, because characters are following the case as a part of their work and background of each character are described well, and that is making the story more interesting. Also, this has suitable castings, like that Russell Crowe as a reporter, Ben Affleck as a politician. They are fitting in both their appearance and action. Only the last part has a possibility of disappointment because it comes a little too quickly.

Suspense / 2009 / US, UK / 127 min
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Calligraphy UP : 宴


My friend asked me to make a flyer for an event she has, so I did calligraphy to make it more attractive. I don't think this kind of request comes again, actually it was my own idea to do calligraphy for the flyer, but it might be a good opportunity to build the new content of my calligraphy works. I would update the content since today.

Spiceless Curry


Although I've updated a section as I have stocks, I wasn't able to write the novel to review it this week. I've always been care about conflict in a story, however, avoiding a conflict and walking toward ideal lead me to write a true story. Ideal is linking to real at this site while they are usually opposite. Surely, if I put realistic characters on a realistic stage, it mightn't be quite a drama. How can we taste a curry without any spice? Anyway, I always have to avoid conflict in a story, though.
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神代の子・諸 十五話UP


最強のふたり / Les Intouchables


"A disabled rich person and a slum care-giver. The emotional drama by two guys."
The story is all about the relation between them starting with their meeting. Each one stands opposite side from another about upbringing or current state, but both are commonly lacking an aspiration of life. Even though the reasons of their emptiness are different and they also don't realize the fact, they're getting back a sense of fulfillment by touching to each other, sometimes with the other servant. Their impressive smiles and theme music complete this film.

Drama / 2011 / France / 112 min
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Darkness Grows My Sense.


July rolled around and only a half year is left. I annually hope the fall comes up soon in this season. Well, passed the summer solstice eases the anxiety that I have to spend a long daytime. Though it sounds like vampire, I need a night time to focus on creative work.
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インフェルノ / Inferno


"To prevent the virus attack that will die out a half of humankind, Prof. Langdon is running around Italy."
A breathless tension, unpredictable story, dignified location. This suspense film has a lot of strong points. But the direction is more valuable to mention than them. Giving an example, even though most of the characters were appeared during the dizzying part started from the beginning, the director characterized them by casting many human races as important people, so we can easily think who is on which side. I think this is a refined film.

Suspense / 2016 / US / 121 min
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