完全なるチェックメイト / Pawn Sacrifice


"a genius but insane chessplayer and the cold war on a chessboard."
This film is based on the true story about chess. While we could understand the story without any knowledge of chess, it was a kind of failure because most of the parts were just focused on chess player's eccentricity instead of playing. Also this doesn't show us their story from both sides, US and Soviet, even though it's focusing on the cold war, too. Moreover, using popular songs which were often listened back then is well-known direction of the movie, but in this film, they were really noisy because the silence has a profound effect in here. I know the acting by T.Maguire was incredibly admirable, and the subject of the film is outstanding, however, they seemed like they can not treat them as well as I expected.

Drama / 2014 / US / 115 min
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Just a starting

散々迷った挙句、書道の師範資格を取る勉強を始めました。習得に18か月ですって。決まったわけではありませんが、仕事に就いたら、どう時間をやりくりするかが悩みどころ。そんな次第で、無職のうちに小説は書き終えたいんのですが、例によって トラ スランプです。困りました。本当は今週UPする予定だったのですが、たぶん無理なので、早ければ23日、遅くて来月になりそうです。あ、ゲーム作りは完全に停止しています。分かっていたことですけども。


After long dither, I started calligraphy again to get a master license. 18 months will be required, so it's a concern how do I manage my free time when I get a job although I have yet to get it. That'why, I'm thinking about finishing the novel by the time I get a new job again, but badly, I'm in a long and wrong slump. How bothering. I was planing to update No.23, however, apparently I can't. I could do it on 23rd, or at least the beginning of next month. Well, game-making is completely stopped as everyone foresaw.
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Re:Life / The Rewirte


"A down-and-out script writer becomes instructor in university, which gives him the hints of after-life."
Because the theme of the film is focusing on scenario writing, the script is so steady and supported by fine casting. I could say I was really satisfied. Some silly jokes would appear in places, but it was a good way to show that he's been losing his own reputation. Also, I love the every part where the film uses excerpts from other movies or plays of Shakespeare. If there were, I would immediately consider taking his class.

Comedy / 2014 / US / 106 min
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パイレーツ・オブ・カリビアン5 最後の海賊 / Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


"The 5th stage of the most familiar pirates film by Disney."
Although this sequence has both awesome and awful works, this one is as well as the 1st shot for me. And in here, there were a lot of similar circumstances and direction in the origin. The new movie staffs had likely learnt a lot from their legacy.
But, I'm not very happy about that the main character, Jack Sparrow, is getting more and more helpless while the series is advancing. That's why I prefer his rival, Barbossa, more.
Anyway, J.Depp apparently has a contract to take one more film. I strongly hope they go over this tidemark.

Adventure / 2017 / US / 129 min
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リセット / Vanishing on 7th Street


"A terror of an attacking shadow."
Mentioning of an horror film, it is not so bad direction surviving from an invisible HUNTER, but I think it would be none sense to continue that situation to the end. And characters here were mentally too unstable to understand what they were willing to do. Maybe this film wouldn't have failed to scare the audience, but I guess that this is a indigestible one.

Horror / 2010 / US / 91 min
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神代の子・諸 ニ十ニ話UP


Almost November


While I was helping a conference, the election was over, and it becomes almost November.
Speaking of the election, I could have much time and gathered so much information before I vote, but I didn't talk about the government to some of my friends at all, while I met them. I guess it's just because they didn't have time to care about the election. So, I recommend the government to give all employees day offs during the election. Then they could have time to consider, and candidates will be correctly certificated, and finally, our politicians quality would be better. And also, this will prevent the prime minister from deciding irregular dissolution of diet, because it means the reduction of industry. Of course, it's not so simple, I know.
Anyway, It's more serious for me that my novel didn't proceed these days!
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神代の子・諸 ニ十一話UP




Last week, I became 37. I was going to post about that or recent events, but I'm sorry to put it off because of the delay of writing novel.
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神代の子・諸 ニ十話UP