スポットライト 世紀のスクープ / Spotlight


"Actual incident behind the Catholic Church accused by journalists. The work which won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay."
Really interesting it was. This story seemed to be focusing on picking up the fact based on the real event without any exaggeration for making the film more dramatic. I felt journalists' spirit including this film. It was also good not to depend on the actors name. I had never been impulsed like this by the sequel mentioned before the credits roll.

Suspense / 2015 / US / 129 min
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Though it's meaningless topic, I think the sentence in news programs is getting worse and worse. Recently, I heard the strange word of "punishment of voluntary retirement" in a topic of some companies scandal. Is a voluntary retirement known as a punishment? In my image, this hear like as "We, board of directors, decided to have you leave our company. So, please hand in your resignation." Black news it is, but this might be a regular custom in the society we are living now.

By the way, when I saw the plotting note of my novel, I found the story "Kamishiron No Ko" will be over after I update 4 times. Not true, of course. I guess it was the reason I was not able to further my novel along the plot, ...despite I arrogantly criticize some film I watched. :(
Anyway, the fact that the novel is into the climax is true. One of the main character, Murakumo, has already been in the last building, and the time when he gets outside would be the part of ending.
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ディアボロス 悪魔の扉 / The Devil's Advocate


"A proud lawer and a devil of the strife. A law court film in which Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino were."
This is a occult movie treating religion, rather than suspense. As a reward for casting two big shots, the direction is gorgeous and thrilling enough, then we could run through this from the begining to the end without any boredom. But, the climax was redundant and incoherent enough to disappoint me. I did not know if their restriction for the age was, beware of that this has few none-mosaicking nude scenes.

Horror / 1997 / US / 144 min / R?
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神代の子・諸 ニ十四話UP



New year has come.
These years, I can't celebrate the new year because of the death of the kin.
It's no problem for me since none-celebrating the new year is easy to spend, but in any event, I unreasonably have to give new year money for my nephew and niece, my parents as well.
I wrote "継" yesterday as my new year calligraphy, meaning "continuous" and "relay". I know I can't master English or calligraphy during the year, so what I should aim to is to keep learning through out a year.
Anyway, I'm going to hang in anywhere during a year.
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ハイネケン誘拐の代償 / The Kidnapping Mr.Heineken


"A historical kidnapping case, focusing on the criminals."
Discrepantly in the commercial film, Mr.Heineken hadn't threaten the criminals strongly, but that made this film became more realistic. Of course, the acting of Anthony Hopkins who played Heineken was obviously presentable. The story was neither complicated nor forces us to speculate something, but describing only criminals' side hide both their circumstance and future against the detection, which was giving the film good tension.

Suspense / 2015 / UK, Netherlands / 95 min
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シャッフル / Premonition


"A mysterious romance, led by shuffled 7 days and death of husband"
This movie will be sorted to a suspense not a love romance. The important rule was played by time itself which convoluted the heroine, and the connection between these shuffled 7 days entertained me so much. But it was sorry that her condition was less considered. Though this thriller is supported by the direction of shuffled days as I wrote, I wonder there's no calendars in her house. Speaking of performance, the acting by Sandra Bullock was incredibly great.

Suspense / 2007 / US / 96 min
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ファントム 開戦前夜 / Phantom


"Hijacking at Soviet atomic submarine in cold war. A closed suspense threaten by atomic weapon."
Because this film was produced in US in spite of treating Soviet navies, there're lots of bizarre points, like as English-speaking Soviet navies or General who admires US. Honestly, I didn't think the movie director must have kept their background since this incident wasn't based on real. Anyway, I could have enjoyed this closed suspense in submarine. And also, military uniform are really suitable costumes for Ed Harris as usual.

Action / 2013 / US / 99 min
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As a result of increasing time for learning English, I wasn't able to manage myself and the novel has been delayed. It's still kept being updated once a month, but I can't see that's in a good condition, regarding that there's no stocks.
On the other hands, Learning Calligraphy is proceeding well. I remembered how to use normal brush that I wasn't able to treat precisely, which make my works stabilize. Of course, there are still a lot of techniques I should learn, but I'll update my work again when I could do well. By the way, expensive paper give me an opportunity to make a better work.
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神代の子・諸 ニ十三話UP