誘拐の掟 / A Walk Among the Tombstones


"A retired detective tracks serial psychotic killer whose targets are drug broker."
I often see such a kind of action film which Liam Neeson was in, but, even if you've seen that kind of films, this film is also good entertainment to see, supported by the tension from the beginnings to the end. Unfortunately, the motivation of serial killer was unstable and the main characters history didn't affect to his story very well, however, I think it's still on good work as an action suspense film.

Suspense / 2014 / US / 114 min
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プレシディオの男たち / The Presidio


"A lieutenant colonel and a detictive. Combination work by two discorded guys, and relationships of them."
This is a bit old film opened in 1988. Although the genre of this is registered to suspense, I thought it should be drama centering to the colonel when we consider the each length of scenes. What's more, this film is shorter than recent suspense works, then people may feel like seeing an insufficient suspense film. However, the casting and the story, regarding the drama side of the film, are both great. Furthermore, Mark Harmon in here was so young!

Drama / 1988 / US / 96 min
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Cracked Life


I'm welcomed to the group those who have a crack on their heel. It's caused of my increasing weight? I don't want to think so.
By the way, I started considering getting the license of Shihan about Japanese calligraphy, but I'm not sure it's useful in my future, so I've been hesitating for weeks. Should I think about quitting job hunting and starting my own business? I also feel that's a only way to live peacefully.
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神代の子・諸 十九話UP


神代の子・諸 十八話UP


Not For Sale.


A few weeks ago, I changed the counting unit of my novels from paper to page to make them clear for readers. It's waste of time to count them manually, so I wrote Excel VBA program to do that. My skill wasn't so spoiled that it required over an hour.
Anyway, my last work has 488 page, it can be 2 thin books, while I didn't think it can become even a book. On the other hand, ongoing work already has about 630 pages, so it can be 2 usual size books. Well, I would be able to sell them, but if I did, I easily predict that all of the books will be treated as stock and bought by me.
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神代の子・諸 十七話UP


I want to say I made...




Hi, a few of everyone. I'm afraid I've updated nothing these weeks.
Announcing how I spent those days, I didn't got a job, but just gamed. More correctly I've been making my own game and it's still going on.
It's a little complicated to tell everything, but in a nut shell, I found the update program which is distributed by the maker that sold RPG Maker to conform the software to Windows 8.1 OS. It became a start, and I picked up the old and halfway point data from my stock drive, then I'm modifying it. Anyway, I've finally completed the opening, so I open the movie here. (The sound will be played in the middle, so please be careful of your volume setting!)
Although I seem to have many stuffs in the movie, all of them is my different names. Because I make the game all by myself, excepting preset materials, I cant make a long term game. It will be about 2 hour to clear it simply, and maybe 10 hours to complete all items.
I never consider to earn money by this, so please give me an yell for proceeding.
The meager problem is how I should share me time with my novel, though...

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あの日のように抱きしめて / Phoenix


"A heart partner relationship after surviving from Auschwitz."
The this film subjectively is about the relationship with the survivor and her husband behind the shadow the war had left. Through out the episodes, I felt she isn't allowed to be back to their previous life even though she has returned from the hell. Surely her husband was a little insane, but he apparently loves her who hadn't been taken to Auschwitz yet. That means he is also one of the people who were distorted by the war. Talking except the story, the performances of facial expression were particularly impressive.

Fantasy / 2014 / Germany / 98 min / R-15
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神代の子・諸 十六話UP