最強のふたり / Les Intouchables


"A disabled rich person and a slum care-giver. The emotional drama by two guys."
The story is all about the relation between them starting with their meeting. Each one stands opposite side from another about upbringing or current state, but both are commonly lacking an aspiration of life. Even though the reasons of their emptiness are different and they also don't realize the fact, they're getting back a sense of fulfillment by touching to each other, sometimes with the other servant. Their impressive smiles and theme music complete this film.

Drama / 2011 / France / 112 min
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Darkness Grows My Sense.


July rolled around and only a half year is left. I annually hope the fall comes up soon in this season. Well, passed the summer solstice eases the anxiety that I have to spend a long daytime. Though it sounds like vampire, I need a night time to focus on creative work.
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インフェルノ / Inferno


"To prevent the virus attack that will die out a half of humankind, Prof. Langdon is running around Italy."
A breathless tension, unpredictable story, dignified location. This suspense film has a lot of strong points. But the direction is more valuable to mention than them. Giving an example, even though most of the characters were appeared during the dizzying part started from the beginning, the director characterized them by casting many human races as important people, so we can easily think who is on which side. I think this is a refined film.

Suspense / 2016 / US / 121 min
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LIFE! / The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


"A worker in the photographic negatives department try to find the lost negative that was shot for the cover of their last issue. Can you image what the picture is?"
Ben Stiller, who I think one of the best actor to play inconspicuous man, is in this film as a middle-aged salary man often daydreaming something. Some people think his delusion looks a little excessive, but I could say, as a same daydreamer, it's normal. Although some part seemed impossible for ordinary man like him, it was an exciting connection between main story and each episode. This is a good entertainment focusing on LIFE.

Drama / 2013 / US / 115 min
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Countable, But Unclear


Because I got three sections as stock, I updated one of them yesterday. Unless those stock are gone, I'll continue updating over once a month. I'm not getting hurry, but if I don't do this, the goal doesn't seem to come to me. My forecast says chapter 4 will have around 50 sections. That number easily goes over my previous work. Is that reaching 1,000 sheets of manuscript papers? I don't know because it's difficult to count up.
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神代の子・諸 十四話UP


ナイト・クローラー / Nightcrawler


"A black side of news medium, shown by a freelance photographer."
Jake Gyllenhaal skillfully acted a psychopathic photographer that never hesitate about illegality.
The deterioration of his action to shoot more cruel scene is so suspenseful, but rather than that, it might disgust us. The medium who broadcast his shocking videos to get more viewers also should be blamed, but when we find their rating is supported by our choice, we'll realize a scary fact that this film show us.

Suspense / 2014 / US / 118 min
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Do Not Mistake About the Name of Gods.


I heard the news that a distributor needs to change a movie subheading because they mistook Mercury Program for Apollo Program. I guess that work must be done by the people who did not watch that film. As a matter of fact, these kind of problem has often occurred, including wrong commercials misleading us. A few years ago, there was an issue of restaurant where had been handing the menu camouflaging foodstuffs. I wonder if distributors had felt anything about their business at that time? Now they do as same as some wrong restaurant did, and they will not be excused. Anyway, for now, I am stopping choosing what movie I am going to see by its title or commercial.
By the way, I got a lot of Web Crap these days. That makes me really happy! Thank you so much!
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サンドラの週末 / Deux jours, une nuit


"The mandatory action to her return to work is to convince her colleagues to give up their 1000 euro bonus."
For a lot of females who are concerned with returning to work, I think this film could get significant one because the main person here is also a female. While she hears her colleagues' thought about the bonus, she also knows the reputation about herself through her activity. The script wasn't complicated and there's no suspense-like part, but we could not leave from screen until the end.

Drama / 2014 / Belgium, France, Italia / 95 min
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神代の子・諸 十三話UP