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Because I could not write even a single line of the novel while opening these files, I decided to leave from writing briefly. It has already been in climax, so I do not need any new idea, but it seems neccesary to take a rest against writing as my English teacher advised me. In any event, next update will delay. ( I know this is just an excuse)

Oh, and I got a job finally.
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Just Announcement


I updated a story and four movie reviews.
I have not been holding them under surface, they were just being stocked.
Well, for now I have nothing to post here.
See you next week.

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ミュージアム / -


"A cruel serial killer who wants to entertain audience, and a detective who chases that bizarre case."
I picked up this film to see the acting by Satoshi Tsumabuki as the serial killer. Helped by a rubber helmet, he played that unusual role in his career remarkably. Regarding to the content, the reputations saying that this is a quite grotesque was not a lie, but it was far less than renowned movie series "Saw" because this did not show much about that except dead bodies. Including lots of similar part to that series, this one lacked the originality about graphic direction. However, I felt that this suspence is standing on a Japanism which carefully treats character's mind by showing ones life.

Suspense / 2016 / Japan / 132 min
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キング・オブ・エジブト / God of Egypt


"This is an action fantasy where a man struggle for freedom at the dominated realm by Set, the Egyptian God of Desert."
While resembling the film "Prince of Persia" about characters, world design, coloring and the title as well, surely this is not sequel of it. Anyway, I thought I seemed to have watched this even during watching. Computer-generated imagery was probably one of their characteristics, but it had been only taking that position until the middle of the movie, after all, not good it was. Still this might be better to enjoy with kids, learning about Egyptian Gods.

Action / 2016 / US, Australia / 127 min
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ジャッジ 裁かれる判事 / The Judge


"Sharp lawyer and his stubborn judge father, and a criminal suit accusing the judge's murderous accident."
The defendant has three sides as an elder, a judge and a father.
Much of the story is focusing on the lawyer who lived away from his Dad and tries to prove Dad's innocence, but it is also supported by his family story involving his big and small brothers at the same time. Acting by Robert Downey Jr. (the short tempered lawyer) and Robert Duvall (the bullish father) are so fine, which satisfied me. I felt that this was a little bit longer, though.

Drama / 2014 / US / 142 min
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モネ・ゲーム / Gambit


"A revenge from a connoisseur against his boss by cheating with forgery."
I think this has a good plot, but rather than that, lots of scenes where British gentleman, Colin Firth, was treated stupidly like a comedy show I saw in my childhod were entertaining me so much. Also, a company of Japanese was in several part of the film. Although some of Japanese movie fans dislike those part saying they do not quite seem to be Japanese, I guess that was well-expressed because at least their language were understandable and easy to catch.

Comedy / 2012 / UK, US / 89 min
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神代の子・諸 ニ十六話UP


神代の子・諸 ニ十五話UP


Thank You


I do not know what happened, but anyway the page view in here has been counting a glowing number I have never seen these days, which is encouraging me to update more. Of course, it is a happy event for me. However, I might have to change the category name "Diary" because I did not update everyday. Regarding last year, I had update only around 20 times actually. The fact means there are only a few things to write down here in my life. It might be good to change the category name from "Diary" to "Tired". In any event, I appreciate your visiting here very much.
And the next update of that novel will come up by tomorrow Sunday.

今週の一枚 / Calligraphy work this week:
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No Excuse



I thought about quitting donations which I had started since when the US president had rejected refugees at their airport, just because a year has past since then, but remembering my calligraphy work at the beginning of this year made me continue it. Sometimes, I wonder why I am making donations whereas there is no income now. However, it is sure that is no excuse for quitting.
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