To the next.


Through out days, I have finally updated the story. I have been hardly feeling that I can not afford to write the novel at workdays nights. Even if I could have time, there is not enough concentration for creative activity. Thus, I intend to have spare time on weekends for writing. This means that I have enough time to see movies, though... Anyway, I have to update this month again to cover for the loss of last month. But, what is a asset of my novels?
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神代の子・諸 ニ十九話UP

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Having been affected by viral enteritis last weekend, I was carried to ER by my father's drive at my first time. My digestive system is not so strong that I had believed I could endure almost all kinds of stomach pains. It is true that enteritis causes heavy pain which its owner could be faint with. Anyway I am happy that it was over and no one around me get that pain from me. The origin of the virus is still unknown, though.
By the way, am I able to update the novel in 10 days?? Also, unknown.
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May sits in, that means I have been working here for a month. I am already thinking about the day when this terms contract is over, caused by an assignment to an interviewer and checking applicants' regimes. While this time recruitment does not require English skill, over a half of applicants are appealing their certifications for English skills reflecting current society. This phenomenon could tell me that my English would be colorless for job-hunting in three years. Well, I never mind that because it is just a hobby for me to learn English. I should consider how mach I spend money for that, though.
GWって本当に近所が静か。/ My neighborhood is really silent on Golden Week.
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Why..? Why is my weight growing?!
So, two weeks have past since I had returned to the previous job. I can not have any time to write the novel, but the urge which I could not treat on workdays seems to cause a progress on weekends. Thanks for it or not, the novel become over 700 pages as a book. How many will I count by the time when final update comes? I have no idea even though I am the author.
By the way, I have been training Gyosho font since I had updated "雪月花" here. It is sure that I am still utterly amateur, I post this as a growing record, resizing a character to show this better.
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Reboot and Continute

箱買いした半紙のイムパクトが半端ない。/ A big presence of a box of paper for calligraphy.



You know, I am going to start working again since April 2nd, just two days later.
Though I had been unemployed for past a year, I could complete nothing else. Uncompleted novel, painting, game making, learning for certification, and unfinished my life. Anyway, I have to suspend them except the novel, as they have already been. Anyway, I will spend my shortened leisure time for study and novel. Oh, when should I see my stored movies.
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There are reasons.


It was so late but I finally updated the 27th story. The more leading characters I have in the story, the easier it is to expand, but the harder it is to converge. Specifically, my concern is always about the order of section. Well, I will talk this after complete the novel.
By the way, I gave some articles here a different category inadvertently. Sadly, no one has notified me. But, upon understanding page view on here, it would be reasonable.
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Back to the line.


Though I am updating reviews for comedy movies with recommendation these days, there was no incident like that something disappointed me. Just coincidence it is.
Last time, I said I would leave from the novel meanwhile, but eventually I have been checking the plot almost everyday. Thanks for that, I am brought to come back to the novel and willing to restart writing this week.
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Take A Rest



Because I could not write even a single line of the novel while opening these files, I decided to leave from writing briefly. It has already been in climax, so I do not need any new idea, but it seems neccesary to take a rest against writing as my English teacher advised me. In any event, next update will delay. ( I know this is just an excuse)

Oh, and I got a job finally.
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Just Announcement


I updated a story and four movie reviews.
I have not been holding them under surface, they were just being stocked.
Well, for now I have nothing to post here.
See you next week.

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Thank You


I do not know what happened, but anyway the page view in here has been counting a glowing number I have never seen these days, which is encouraging me to update more. Of course, it is a happy event for me. However, I might have to change the category name "Diary" because I did not update everyday. Regarding last year, I had update only around 20 times actually. The fact means there are only a few things to write down here in my life. It might be good to change the category name from "Diary" to "Tired". In any event, I appreciate your visiting here very much.
And the next update of that novel will come up by tomorrow Sunday.

今週の一枚 / Calligraphy work this week:
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No Excuse



I thought about quitting donations which I had started since when the US president had rejected refugees at their airport, just because a year has past since then, but remembering my calligraphy work at the beginning of this year made me continue it. Sometimes, I wonder why I am making donations whereas there is no income now. However, it is sure that is no excuse for quitting.
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Though it's meaningless topic, I think the sentence in news programs is getting worse and worse. Recently, I heard the strange word of "punishment of voluntary retirement" in a topic of some companies scandal. Is a voluntary retirement known as a punishment? In my image, this hear like as "We, board of directors, decided to have you leave our company. So, please hand in your resignation." Black news it is, but this might be a regular custom in the society we are living now.

By the way, when I saw the plotting note of my novel, I found the story "Kamishiron No Ko" will be over after I update 4 times. Not true, of course. I guess it was the reason I was not able to further my novel along the plot, ...despite I arrogantly criticize some film I watched. :(
Anyway, the fact that the novel is into the climax is true. One of the main character, Murakumo, has already been in the last building, and the time when he gets outside would be the part of ending.
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New year has come.
These years, I can't celebrate the new year because of the death of the kin.
It's no problem for me since none-celebrating the new year is easy to spend, but in any event, I unreasonably have to give new year money for my nephew and niece, my parents as well.
I wrote "継" yesterday as my new year calligraphy, meaning "continuous" and "relay". I know I can't master English or calligraphy during the year, so what I should aim to is to keep learning through out a year.
Anyway, I'm going to hang in anywhere during a year.
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As a result of increasing time for learning English, I wasn't able to manage myself and the novel has been delayed. It's still kept being updated once a month, but I can't see that's in a good condition, regarding that there's no stocks.
On the other hands, Learning Calligraphy is proceeding well. I remembered how to use normal brush that I wasn't able to treat precisely, which make my works stabilize. Of course, there are still a lot of techniques I should learn, but I'll update my work again when I could do well. By the way, expensive paper give me an opportunity to make a better work.
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Just a starting

散々迷った挙句、書道の師範資格を取る勉強を始めました。習得に18か月ですって。決まったわけではありませんが、仕事に就いたら、どう時間をやりくりするかが悩みどころ。そんな次第で、無職のうちに小説は書き終えたいんのですが、例によって トラ スランプです。困りました。本当は今週UPする予定だったのですが、たぶん無理なので、早ければ23日、遅くて来月になりそうです。あ、ゲーム作りは完全に停止しています。分かっていたことですけども。


After long dither, I started calligraphy again to get a master license. 18 months will be required, so it's a concern how do I manage my free time when I get a job although I have yet to get it. That'why, I'm thinking about finishing the novel by the time I get a new job again, but badly, I'm in a long and wrong slump. How bothering. I was planing to update No.23, however, apparently I can't. I could do it on 23rd, or at least the beginning of next month. Well, game-making is completely stopped as everyone foresaw.
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Almost November


While I was helping a conference, the election was over, and it becomes almost November.
Speaking of the election, I could have much time and gathered so much information before I vote, but I didn't talk about the government to some of my friends at all, while I met them. I guess it's just because they didn't have time to care about the election. So, I recommend the government to give all employees day offs during the election. Then they could have time to consider, and candidates will be correctly certificated, and finally, our politicians quality would be better. And also, this will prevent the prime minister from deciding irregular dissolution of diet, because it means the reduction of industry. Of course, it's not so simple, I know.
Anyway, It's more serious for me that my novel didn't proceed these days!
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Last week, I became 37. I was going to post about that or recent events, but I'm sorry to put it off because of the delay of writing novel.
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Cracked Life


I'm welcomed to the group those who have a crack on their heel. It's caused of my increasing weight? I don't want to think so.
By the way, I started considering getting the license of Shihan about Japanese calligraphy, but I'm not sure it's useful in my future, so I've been hesitating for weeks. Should I think about quitting job hunting and starting my own business? I also feel that's a only way to live peacefully.
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Not For Sale.


A few weeks ago, I changed the counting unit of my novels from paper to page to make them clear for readers. It's waste of time to count them manually, so I wrote Excel VBA program to do that. My skill wasn't so spoiled that it required over an hour.
Anyway, my last work has 488 page, it can be 2 thin books, while I didn't think it can become even a book. On the other hand, ongoing work already has about 630 pages, so it can be 2 usual size books. Well, I would be able to sell them, but if I did, I easily predict that all of the books will be treated as stock and bought by me.
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I want to say I made...




Hi, a few of everyone. I'm afraid I've updated nothing these weeks.
Announcing how I spent those days, I didn't got a job, but just gamed. More correctly I've been making my own game and it's still going on.
It's a little complicated to tell everything, but in a nut shell, I found the update program which is distributed by the maker that sold RPG Maker to conform the software to Windows 8.1 OS. It became a start, and I picked up the old and halfway point data from my stock drive, then I'm modifying it. Anyway, I've finally completed the opening, so I open the movie here. (The sound will be played in the middle, so please be careful of your volume setting!)
Although I seem to have many stuffs in the movie, all of them is my different names. Because I make the game all by myself, excepting preset materials, I cant make a long term game. It will be about 2 hour to clear it simply, and maybe 10 hours to complete all items.
I never consider to earn money by this, so please give me an yell for proceeding.
The meager problem is how I should share me time with my novel, though...

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Spiceless Curry


Although I've updated a section as I have stocks, I wasn't able to write the novel to review it this week. I've always been care about conflict in a story, however, avoiding a conflict and walking toward ideal lead me to write a true story. Ideal is linking to real at this site while they are usually opposite. Surely, if I put realistic characters on a realistic stage, it mightn't be quite a drama. How can we taste a curry without any spice? Anyway, I always have to avoid conflict in a story, though.
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Darkness Grows My Sense.


July rolled around and only a half year is left. I annually hope the fall comes up soon in this season. Well, passed the summer solstice eases the anxiety that I have to spend a long daytime. Though it sounds like vampire, I need a night time to focus on creative work.
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Countable, But Unclear


Because I got three sections as stock, I updated one of them yesterday. Unless those stock are gone, I'll continue updating over once a month. I'm not getting hurry, but if I don't do this, the goal doesn't seem to come to me. My forecast says chapter 4 will have around 50 sections. That number easily goes over my previous work. Is that reaching 1,000 sheets of manuscript papers? I don't know because it's difficult to count up.
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Do Not Mistake About the Name of Gods.


I heard the news that a distributor needs to change a movie subheading because they mistook Mercury Program for Apollo Program. I guess that work must be done by the people who did not watch that film. As a matter of fact, these kind of problem has often occurred, including wrong commercials misleading us. A few years ago, there was an issue of restaurant where had been handing the menu camouflaging foodstuffs. I wonder if distributors had felt anything about their business at that time? Now they do as same as some wrong restaurant did, and they will not be excused. Anyway, for now, I am stopping choosing what movie I am going to see by its title or commercial.
By the way, I got a lot of Web Crap these days. That makes me really happy! Thank you so much!
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Customize my custom.


Because of breaking some bad habits, I get more time to work on novel, and then I seem to be able to update the next story on the first holiday in June. Actually I want to update regularly once two weeks, but I can't predict if I can continue this work pace, so I just say I want to. Also I bought a monitor and keyboard to treat my stiff neck. I know laptop is comfortable as that's spacial advantage, but it doesn't meet long term work. Using usual monitor straightens my back, so I feel that cures my stiff neck a little by little.
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A Gap Of 4 Years


I know I have to work on my novel, but now I'm painting unusually. Although Golden Week was a good duration to complete it, I couldn't because of my worsening technique. It took 20 hours to paint the half of its background while that used to be enough time to me to complete my painting. Continuation is really important.
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Who is Johnny?

I've adjusted my web site to smart phone, through reviewing the program I wrote here last year, because my visitors seem to visit here by using smart phone. Although I can't check how it looks because I don't have smart phone, I wish it can help them read contents easier. As a caution, it will take a several seconds to access to my Blog with smart phone at the first time. I know you've already seen that, though.
By the way, I also will tell you my friends' web site I'd been making since the end of last year.
My name is listed as Johnney at their site, but, please never mind.
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Pause - Restart

The job contract was over at the end of last month. I've got farewell gift from my colleagues so much rather than I'd expected, and that surprised and impressed me a lot, then I got sleepy, I don't know why. Thanks everyone! Thanks!!
Turning into the next morning, when I woke up I found I was unemployed again. I know that was caused all by myself, but actually, I really hate this situation. On the other hand, I understand this is needful step in my life.
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Bye, Momo.

It was unforgettable meeting you. Rest in peace.
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I'm sorry, but....

Now I'm writing novel for monthly update, but I don't seem to be able to make it. I only inform that here.
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40w -> 60w ??

I'm thinking about my life. I started this web site with a dream I wanted to be a writer by the age of 40, but now, I consider that age as 60, after my retirement. I know I have to rename to "60w", but.... I don't know when my retirement will be if I continue to be temporary worker. I'm not sure my age is in the border if temporary worker has a limit of age. It might be the timing to put a step to be "w". I can't find a way, though.
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Wake Up

Since I found my annual salary is only a third as high as my old classmates, I've been disappointed these days. I know money is not everything to thinking about one's worth, but it's surely a benchmark for society, so the worth of my life is about as same as who has been working for a few years after one's graduation.
Although I've been thinking about how I earn like my friends, basically, it's a foolish idea. The most important thing is how to add my life something except money. I decided to get an answer for that quest until the age of 40. Then, at first, I started making monthly donation for refugees, especially against the US president. If everybody follows this campaign, US and UK might wake up from their nightmare caused by populism.
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About my job hunting, the first challenge was failed. I knew that a first-class company doesn't need someone who does not have any special skills like me. I'll see the next one.
I am watching a new TV drama series "Masuyama supernatural-guys Office" these days. The leader in the drama often says "What a bothersome one." It sounds like me.
What a bothersome job hunting! I always think if I have any supernatural power.
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What did they do last night?

There is high-class residence area where riches live in on my commute, so I often see a officer-looks man and his deluxe car leaving from a house to probably his office, and his wife standing beside the car. I'm always passing there, thinking that I'll never be with them.
That was the day after Coming-of-Age Day. I saw the man ride the deluxe, and he started its engine. All of sudden, a hard rap music was coming out so loudly.
It was funny morning, I remember the silence of the hybrid car, which went away as if nothing happened. Anyway, I'll never be with them because it wasn't Eminem.
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Happy New Year!

After doing calligraphy in the morning, I watched a movie as usual. New year was a big event in year, but I don't feel that now. Recently, I'm thinking it is just a change of month, even "day". On the other hand, I give lots of money to my relationships, nephew and niece, even my parent. That is a custom for an adult, I think. Anyway, "Happy New Year!"
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Merry Christmas!

Since I've been into making the web page, I forgot updating here for almost a month, and working on novel, as well. It's so wrong!
It's X-mas today. I went to a department store and saw that it was really crowded. All of sudden, I found the fact while I was in the crowded place. I thought that staying among a lot of people always annoys me, but actually, I hate that loudness. My ears seem to be delicate, because I relied on them instead of my bad eyesight and nose.
Anyway, tonight is X-mas one, so I've donated to the Doctors Without Boarders and UNHCR, 10,000 yen each.
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It's a fun time!

So happy days that I'm asked to make web sites at work and at my personal affairs same time. Today I was drawing a logo for the web site from morning to now, then I completely forgot updating my novel. I'll do it until Wednesday. I also update the logo if my friend allow me to open it to the public here. By the way, using Pen Tablet is very fun for me!
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Weekend makes me lazy?

I've been recording some numbers except diary during one year. I started that just for my English study with counting how many times I read out loud a day, however, after a few month, I added the record of my weight, and then the number of lines I wrote for my novel.
About my study, that number isn't useful to statistics, but when I look at about my weight, I know that it's increasing on weekend and decreasing on workday. And I realized that the amount I wrote was more on workday than on weekend. Well, I should review what I do those days.

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Bitter drag and sweet poison.

Bitter drag and sweet poison. Though it's unnecessary to tell you which is wrong for your body, even if the thing that enter your mouth was bitter one, it sometimes is the better one. However, there is no way to know if it was the better one until the sickness was recovered. All we can do after when it pass through your throat is just praying. The president doesn't seem to be decided to be Trump, though.
Once, I heard there is nothing that American people can't do because they are AmeriCAN. So, I trust they find a good solution for everything what's bothering them now. They aren't Japanese who do nothing unless someone needs.
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Though I watched "Seeking Justice" that I've recorded last month, the time is over, while I'm updating the other movie reviews. If I don't translate my old reviews more then the number of movies I watched, that task never be over. If that task lasts, my novel doesn't progress. If I do something, the others are untouched. But my policy is never complaining that time is too short. We should cut some activities, because we are under the same gravity.
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A Lack of Concentration

Although I don't think it's caused by getting old, actually I can spend my free time worse than I used to. The worst is that my brain often stops to do something unimportant because of - I don't want to say - getting old. All I usually do in holidays are just 4 things, however, I sometimes found I did other things that I didn't need and plan to do. Then, there are a lot of remainders that I have to do.
By the way, it's so late, but I bought Cocoo's 2nd best album, which was released 5 years ago. Half the songs are familiar, and the rest is new, to me.
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Trailer, Separating From Movies.

Though it's a little, I'm getting mad now for the discord between the true script of Mr.Holmes and the story written on the back of its disc case. I guess it was written by a person who only watched the trailer and image the story. It's totally terrible discord.
But I often see this kind of incident, a discord between movie and its trailer. Actually, I don't like a trailer shuffling scenes, but rather than that, using a cut of ending in trailer is awful, foul method. I know they have to increase sales, however, I'm really eager for such a distributor, not understanding directors concept, to disappear.
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Good-bye My Sweaty.

I always watch the back of my head getting bold while I'm getting a haircut, but I accustomed recently and thinking about getting a close-cropped head. Well, it's not good for now, because I'll start hunting a new job very soon.
By the way, it's getting cold rapidly, not by getting haircut. For me who commute by bike, a passing of the hot season sweat me extremely is a pleasure. Not sweating makes me get weight, though. It's important to sweat enough, except on the top of nose.
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Seeking A New Dictionary...

My electric dictionary is a little old and doesn't have the word that I want to know in English textbook for the lesson. So, I check Casio's web page to buy a new dictionary for myself, then I knew there are many kinds of ones. In my case, I need a dictionary not for English lesson but for working on my novel. I can buy the one which makes me satisfy with both side if I pay 40,000 yen for that. Fancy! I could expect, though.
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The Rudest Company!

For the misdirected item last week, I got an envelope from the company. I thought that was for return, but it wasn't, the other person's address was on it, and I saw another statement of delivery for the person. That meant, "Please send that item to the new purchaser."
While it seems like a personal company, I doubt he has a good nature to manage something. How does he treat personal information? Furthermore I did help his work to send a merchandise!
I got 3 pens with that wrong envelope. Just 3 pens, which seem to be sold at 100yen, including 10 pens in a box as office supplies. I want to send the message to tell him how rude he behaved, but I also want not to have relation with him anymore. So, I followed his request, then erased his mail completely.
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Surely I've ordered an item by online shop, but I received it with the other item that I've never ordered and it has a delivery statement, unknown person's name was on. I can't image what had happened when they send the package!
Anyway, I bought 5 film disc. 2 of them are just ordered because it's going to be released next month. "Gone Girl", "Now You See Me" and "Kingsman: The Secret Service" are on my desk, and I'll get "Everest" and "Mr. Holmes" by the end of October. I'll update these reviews, including the movie I had recorded with cabled TV.
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Like a child.

I've updated 4 movie reviews together. To translate into English is fun operation, but I worry they don't seem to have same format. On the other hand, the number of not reviewed film is remaining while stock of my novel keeps decreasing.
By the way, it's been in completely autumn rainy season. I can't wait to wear my new rainy shoes I bought the day before yesterday. Sounds like a child, though.
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Busy -> Lazy

A week has past since the conference had been over. I could not post an article because of exhaustion last week. Though the conference had many problems, it was OK, not having any trouble. For me, it became a big experience. Sometimes, I ask some students part timers to translate for foreign visitors instead of my poor English, but it was more convenient to talk directly to them with my English. I got some confidence in my speaking skill.
Now, I am listening to cocco's new album that was released last month to restart my mind. I will start job hunting next month.
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Busy days are coming...

Although these day's weather is getting back to the one of rainy season, this irregular summer will end soon. It seems like hot days come again, though.
I feel guilty not updating my novel next holiday, but I can not do that because I must work on Saturday. Modifying web site today and yesterday was one of those cause, too. I am willing to update by working on novel on holidays after next Sunday and a day off that I will have instead of Saturday's work.
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