I want to say I made...




Hi, a few of everyone. I'm afraid I've updated nothing these weeks.
Announcing how I spent those days, I didn't got a job, but just gamed. More correctly I've been making my own game and it's still going on.
It's a little complicated to tell everything, but in a nut shell, I found the update program which is distributed by the maker that sold RPG Maker to conform the software to Windows 8.1 OS. It became a start, and I picked up the old and halfway point data from my stock drive, then I'm modifying it. Anyway, I've finally completed the opening, so I open the movie here. (The sound will be played in the middle, so please be careful of your volume setting!)
Although I seem to have many stuffs in the movie, all of them is my different names. Because I make the game all by myself, excepting preset materials, I cant make a long term game. It will be about 2 hour to clear it simply, and maybe 10 hours to complete all items.
I never consider to earn money by this, so please give me an yell for proceeding.
The meager problem is how I should share me time with my novel, though...