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Through out days, I have finally updated the story. I have been hardly feeling that I can not afford to write the novel at workdays nights. Even if I could have time, there is not enough concentration for creative activity. Thus, I intend to have spare time on weekends for writing. This means that I have enough time to see movies, though... Anyway, I have to update this month again to cover for the loss of last month. But, what is a asset of my novels?
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神代の子・諸 ニ十九話UP

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Having been affected by viral enteritis last weekend, I was carried to ER by my father's drive at my first time. My digestive system is not so strong that I had believed I could endure almost all kinds of stomach pains. It is true that enteritis causes heavy pain which its owner could be faint with. Anyway I am happy that it was over and no one around me get that pain from me. The origin of the virus is still unknown, though.
By the way, am I able to update the novel in 10 days?? Also, unknown.
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ノー・カントリー / No Country for Old Men


"An escape from a crazy assassin, and an elder sheriff on the other hand."
This film is precise about its title, so please do not recognize this as a dramatic suspense movie which we often see anywhere.
All part developing in the silence of the wilds are filled by tension of incidents. I had been thrilled by that through out the film. Also the contrast between the disappointed old man(Tommy Lee Jones) and the violent murderer(Javier Bardem) in that circumstance were incredibly admirable.

Suspense / 2007 / US / 122 min / R15+
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ミラクル・ニール / Absolutely Anything


"A man given the special ability that makes every desires become true causes mayhems in London."
A comedy story, filled by a good amount of jokes. Although I can not push this film to every generations, this could be a good relaxation for hopeless and exhausted workers like me. Unfortunately, the story lacks of originality. Not that typical owing to its science fiction elements, but these movie direction including characters and their relationship have frequently been seen among simular comedies. By the way, Robin Williams played a dog's voice here and it became his last work.

Comedy / 2015 / UK / 85 min
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May sits in, that means I have been working here for a month. I am already thinking about the day when this terms contract is over, caused by an assignment to an interviewer and checking applicants' regimes. While this time recruitment does not require English skill, over a half of applicants are appealing their certifications for English skills reflecting current society. This phenomenon could tell me that my English would be colorless for job-hunting in three years. Well, I never mind that because it is just a hobby for me to learn English. I should consider how mach I spend money for that, though.
GWって本当に近所が静か。/ My neighborhood is really silent on Golden Week.
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Why..? Why is my weight growing?!
So, two weeks have past since I had returned to the previous job. I can not have any time to write the novel, but the urge which I could not treat on workdays seems to cause a progress on weekends. Thanks for it or not, the novel become over 700 pages as a book. How many will I count by the time when final update comes? I have no idea even though I am the author.
By the way, I have been training Gyosho font since I had updated "雪月花" here. It is sure that I am still utterly amateur, I post this as a growing record, resizing a character to show this better.
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神代の子・諸 ニ十八話UP


ヒア・アフター / Hereafter


"A journalist who had suffered from Tsunami, a boy who had lost his big brother of twins, and a psychic. A story of these three being connected by death."
Treating unrealistic world coming after death as its theme, this film features characters present lives without any scenes where we often see in entertainment, mainly horror or occult, movies. I felt I was reading a 500-page novel while seeing this because this story goes slowly to show their lives and thoughts. And it was so interesting that three isolated stories has been connected each other only by the concept of death. The script to the end is awesome as well.

Drama / 2010 / US / 129 min
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Reboot and Continute

箱買いした半紙のイムパクトが半端ない。/ A big presence of a box of paper for calligraphy.



You know, I am going to start working again since April 2nd, just two days later.
Though I had been unemployed for past a year, I could complete nothing else. Uncompleted novel, painting, game making, learning for certification, and unfinished my life. Anyway, I have to suspend them except the novel, as they have already been. Anyway, I will spend my shortened leisure time for study and novel. Oh, when should I see my stored movies.
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