明日に向かって撃て / Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


"The famous classical movie, an escape journey of two outlaws."
Although we would see a tons of bullet because this is a cowboy movie, this was not such a dusty film but was as cool and stylish as modern films using method which we can see even now. This seems to say, 'Masterpieces never need remake'. I could watch this without feeling this old-fashioned, despite 50 years has past since its release, which proof this is among the greatest. How many films like this legendary one are being shot now? I can not answer it.

Action / 1969 / US / 110 min
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Back to the line.


Though I am updating reviews for comedy movies with recommendation these days, there was no incident like that something disappointed me. Just coincidence it is.
Last time, I said I would leave from the novel meanwhile, but eventually I have been checking the plot almost everyday. Thanks for that, I am brought to come back to the novel and willing to restart writing this week.
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神様メール / The Brand New Testament


"Write the new new testament with six new apostles to make a protest to the Father."
This is the extra-unique story that a girl whose father is the god walks the modern society upon visiting six additional apostles. The direction of this film is peculiar as well, compareing apostles' character to well-known misic, or expressing five senses (except vision) by using poem. I guess that only Europe can lead to make this kind of artistic film. Whereas the concept is so strange, I could also introduce this work as a human drama interestingly.

Comedy / 2015 / France, Belgium, Luxembourg / 115 min

グランド・ブダペスト・ホテル / The Grand Budapest Hotel


"A life of the grand Budapest hotel manager being depicted comically. Won 4 oscars including the best production design and the best costume design."
I could not anticipate how the story proceed after watching first 10 minute, but after all this was a fine comedy. I liked what they used camera slider frequently for scene change and what they shoot the film with old aspect ratio 4:3. Also, every layout in each scene were well-considered, which made me feel that I was watching a skilled comic book. This film is much artistic rather than entertaining as they got those award.

Comedy / 2014 / Germany, UK / 100 min

SPY / Spy


"Instead of two big names, Jason Statham and Jude Law, a little overweight lady becomes the spy."
This is a spy action comedy which I have never seen. I know there were a seveal of tv shows which have the same concept with this in Japan, but this superiored to them by showing itself as an action comedy. I did not expected that Jason Statham does play like so funny in here. By the way, I can not be too happy if the equality between genders causes the phenomenon in this film.(laugh)

Comedy / 2015 / US / 120 min
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Take A Rest



Because I could not write even a single line of the novel while opening these files, I decided to leave from writing briefly. It has already been in climax, so I do not need any new idea, but it seems neccesary to take a rest against writing as my English teacher advised me. In any event, next update will delay. ( I know this is just an excuse)

Oh, and I got a job finally.
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Just Announcement


I updated a story and four movie reviews.
I have not been holding them under surface, they were just being stocked.
Well, for now I have nothing to post here.
See you next week.

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ミュージアム / -


"A cruel serial killer who wants to entertain audience, and a detective who chases that bizarre case."
I picked up this film to see the acting by Satoshi Tsumabuki as the serial killer. Helped by a rubber helmet, he played that unusual role in his career remarkably. Regarding to the content, the reputations saying that this is a quite grotesque was not a lie, but it was far less than renowned movie series "Saw" because this did not show much about that except dead bodies. Including lots of similar part to that series, this one lacked the originality about graphic direction. However, I felt that this suspence is standing on a Japanism which carefully treats character's mind by showing ones life.

Suspense / 2016 / Japan / 132 min
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キング・オブ・エジブト / God of Egypt


"This is an action fantasy where a man struggle for freedom at the dominated realm by Set, the Egyptian God of Desert."
While resembling the film "Prince of Persia" about characters, world design, coloring and the title as well, surely this is not sequel of it. Anyway, I thought I seemed to have watched this even during watching. Computer-generated imagery was probably one of their characteristics, but it had been only taking that position until the middle of the movie, after all, not good it was. Still this might be better to enjoy with kids, learning about Egyptian Gods.

Action / 2016 / US, Australia / 127 min
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ジャッジ 裁かれる判事 / The Judge


"Sharp lawyer and his stubborn judge father, and a criminal suit accusing the judge's murderous accident."
The defendant has three sides as an elder, a judge and a father.
Much of the story is focusing on the lawyer who lived away from his Dad and tries to prove Dad's innocence, but it is also supported by his family story involving his big and small brothers at the same time. Acting by Robert Downey Jr. (the short tempered lawyer) and Robert Duvall (the bullish father) are so fine, which satisfied me. I felt that this was a little bit longer, though.

Drama / 2014 / US / 142 min
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